How to Meet a Polish Mail Order Wife

Who are these girls? How to date Polish mail order brides? What are the main pros and cons of dating them? You’ll find the answers to these questions, as well as the list of the best international dating platforms that have a lot of female members from Poland and connect them with western men, in this guide.

What Are The Best Dating & Online Polish Mail Order Brides Sites?


In 2019, 135 Polish citizens migrated to the US to marry Americans and stay in the country. Most of them were women who met their future husbands online – Polish mail order brides.

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Why choose Polish women for marriage?

What should you know about a Polish wife? Here are the most important facts about women from this country:

  • Education comes first. Most young women in Poland have bachelor’s or master’s degrees. Education is the trend, and it’s not associated with huge student debts or exhausting work – students usually enjoy studying, improving their skills and becoming great specialists.
  • They are very hard-working. Polish ladies usually get their first job at an early age. It’s okay for them to earn money, study, and build a relationship.
  • They start a family at a certain age. Polish society is more liberated than most other Eastern-European societies. Local ladies care a lot about career and education, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t want to have a family. They start looking for a match a bit later, after they turn 25-30.
  • Natural beauty is a trend. Polish girls have those beautiful Slavic facial features, they are usually fit, but they are not as obsessed with makeup trends and stylish clothes as ladies in Russia or Ukraine.

Is this good education, good manners, talent for hard work, natural beauty, and desire to start a family is what you are looking for in a woman? If the answer is yes, keep reading!

How to meet Polish brides?

You can do it easily – there are a lot of single women from Poland who are looking for love on international dating platforms. Just choose one of the websites with many members in European countries, find out which of them provides the best services, have real users in Poland, provide high-quality support services and care about customers’ privacy, create a profile, and start contacting Polish mail order brides.

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Pros and cons of dating Polish girls

Before you take the first step and sign up for a dating website, make sure that dating a Polish woman for marriage is what you really need. Just weigh all pros and cons and then make a decision.


  • These girls are Westernized and easily adapt to another cultural environment
  • They are well-educated
  • There are a lot of beautiful women in Poland
  • They start a family when they are really ready for it


  • A language barrier may be a problem
  • You’ll need to get used to Polish traditions that are sometimes opposite to the western ones

If pros outweigh cons, take a look at some Polish dating rules – this information will help you win a Polish woman’s heart.

How to impress Polish mail order brides

Here are 3 tips that will help you impress a Polish mail order wife:

  1. Pay the bill or split the bill? Well, there is no single answer to this question – it depends on the person. You may meet a girl who’d be happy to date an old-school gentleman or a lady who’d prefer to pay the bill and take off the coat without your help. Just listen to her to find out what she expects.
  2. Learn more about Poland and never say anything bad about Polish culture. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about it, but avoid stereotypes – Polish brides hate it when foreigners criticize their country, especially when their assumptions have nothing to do with reality.
  3. Polish ladies are pretty open-minded, but they don’t like it when men try to act like womanizers and machos. Don’t focus on sex too much, don’t put pressure on her, and don’t tell her about all your exes – that won’t be appreciated.

As you can see, Polish girls for marriage don’t expect anything extraordinary. Be nice, polite, show that you are interested in a relationship, and be respectful. That’s enough to make a good impression on a woman.

Final thoughts

Will a Polish bride make you happy? Consider the information in this guide and draw conclusions. If the answer is yes, just don’t be afraid to take the first step in this direction.