How to Meet Bulgarian Mail Order Brides

In this guide, you’ll find all the info on Bulgarian dating rules, Bulgarian national character, and the list of the top international websites that have many Bulgarian brides, offer the best dating services, and have reasonable prices.

What Are The Best Dating & Online Bulgarian Mail Order Brides Sites?


In 2019, 66 Bulgarian citizens applied for a K-1 visa also called a marriage visa. Some may say that that is not too many people, but Bulgaria is also not the biggest country, and the number of “marriage immigrants” is constantly growing. Most of them are women who met their American husbands online – Bulgarian mail order brides.

bulgarian woman for marriage in yard

Why choose Bulgarian girls for marriage?

First, let’s talk about the national character. What are Bulgarian females really like? Here are the answers:

  • Patient, tolerant, and absolutely non-confrontational. Bulgarian women are well-mannered, they know how to listen to another person, and more importantly, they always remember that respect is the key, no matter if someone has similar opinions or contrary views on important things.
  • Friendly and optimistic. Bulgarians are not aggressive. They are the most hospitable people ever. You’ll hardly find someone in Bulgaria who’d become mad if you accidentally stepped on their foot – it’s just not in their nature. They’d rather laugh at this accident with you.
  • Bulgarian mail order brides love their kids, their neighbors’ kids, and every kid on earth. They make perfect moms – caring, loving, and supportive, and not only for their own children.
  • A simple life is a good life. They don’t need all that luxury stuff, fancy parties, all those sophisticated things to be happy. They take everything easy and appreciate what they have.

Is that what you are looking for in a woman? If yes, we’ll tell you where you can meet real women from Bulgaria.

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How to meet Bulgarian brides?

The answer is pretty simple – if you’re not going to go to Bulgaria, you should look for a Bulgarian mail order wife online. It’s easy if you choose a safe, trusted, high-quality niche platform with women who want to settle down and start a family with a loving foreign husband.

How to choose such a site? Pay attention to the members, and their profiles. Do they seem real? Consider the pricing policy, the quality of features, and, of course, the privacy policy, and choose the best option.

Pros and cons of dating Bulgarian women

Here are the most important pros:

  • They aren’t as patriotic as women from some other Eastern European countries, which is why they usually decide to migrate to a husband’s country easily.
  • They are naturally pretty and have gorgeous fit bodies, beautiful facial features, and amazing hair.
  • Bulgarian mail order brides believe that compromise is always better than a conflict.
  • They are very motivated to start a family with a decent man and have children.

But what about the cons?

  • You’ll have a lot of guests – Bulgarians are very sociable people. If you’re okay with that, no problem. But if you’re an introvert, you’ll hardly like it.
  • Language barriers may be a problem.

Do pros outweigh cons for you? If yes, keep reading!

How to impress Bulgarian ladies?

What about the Bulgarian dating culture? Here are some tips that will help you understand it a bit better:

  • Take the first step. Man’s initiative is appreciated.
  • Manners matter most. Bulgarian brides are very well-mannered, and they expect the same from others. Don’t be rude, don’t complain, be nice to waiters, be nice overall.
  • Be a gentleman. You can split the bill or pay the bill, but taking her coat and opening the door for her are always appreciated.
  • Don’t act like sex is your only goal and interest, whether you’re dating a Bulgarian girl online or offline.

Generally speaking, you just need to be a nice person and a gentleman. Yes, it is that easy.

Final thoughts

If you believe that a Bulgarian wife can make you happy, why not give it a try? After all, there are high-quality international dating platforms and a lot of Bulgarian wives who want to start a happy family with a foreign man.